Mastatest NZP4 test kit

Mastatest NZP4 test kit

Mastatest is used to test mastitic milk samples on farm within 24 hours.

Mastatest NZP2 test kit cartridges contain  benzyl penicillin, cloxacillin and tylosin


  • Mastatest tests mastitic milk samples on dairy farms within 24 hours

  • Identifies common bacterial pathogens of mastitis in NZ dairy cow

  • Contains benzyl penicillin, cloxacillin, and tylosin


  • Faster identification of mastitis pathogen can improve cure rates in a herd

  • Steph uberis, Staph aureus, CNS, coliforms / gram negative, and other bacteria species

  • Tests range of antibiotics for treating clinical mastitis in NZ


From a single milk sample from a cow infected with mastitis Mastatest can identify the bacterial pathogen, and also measure how sensitive the bacteria is to certain antibiotics.  This enables dairy farmers to select specific antibiotic treatments recommended by their veterinarian, once target bacteria are identified.  

Mastatest test results are supplied electronically to veterinarians, so antibiotic recommendations can be tailored for dairy herds and cows.  

Mastatest also monitors antibiotic sensitivities in New Zealand, with data collected from individual cow and herd level, to enable the responsible use of antibiotics in local herds.

No other mastitis test compares in terms of simplicity, and ease of use on the dairy farm. 

Mastatest can provide rapid mastitis testing on-farm within 24 hours, or via the vet clinic.  

Use of Mastatest can improve mastitis cure rates in a given herd, and enables more targeted use of antibiotics to combat the most prevalent disease in dairying.   

Test every case of clinical mastitis with Mastatest.

NZP2 test kit cartridges contain 24 wells.  Six are used to identify the bacteria type. The other 18  contain either benzyl penicillin, cloxacillin orTylosin to measure antibiotic sensitivity.

Pack Sizes

NZP4 test kits are supplied in pouches of ten cartridges.  

Each milk sample to be tested requires one cartridge.


Bovine mastitis is a persistent, inflammatory reaction of cows’ udders often caused by bacterial infection. Mastatest is used to identify the causative bacteria and most effective antibiotic treatment for each case of clinical mastitis, and can improve overall cure rates in the herd.

The patented Mastatest lapboxes and Mastatest test kits are manufactured in New Zealand by Mastaplex Ltd.