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Every farmer and vet knows that New Zealand farm production is a constant journey and at times an unpredictable business and requires resilience from all.

The conditions, the unexpected and wholesome lifestyle NZ provides requires that the health of each and every animal is critical to maintaining the well-being of the farm and vet practice. Working together requires understanding, first a listening ear and then an active programme to maintain the health of your production animals. 

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AgriHealth is an active partner to vets and farmers in searching the globe for leading vet medicines, then testing them under tough New Zealand's conditions. We care about New Zealand farm production, NZ vets and practices of all sizes as we're Kiwi owned and operated through and through - which makes us an integral part of supporting the resilient, demanding farm production journey in our great country.

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15 July 2021

Mastitis hurts!

They may be too tiny to see without a microscope, but the bacteria that cause mastitis can (literally) be a huge pain at this time of the year.

15 July 2021

Take the pain out of disbudding this season

​Calf disbudding is an essential farm practice. However, as the process involves burning skin and underlying horn tissue, it is painful and causes inflammation to the calf.

08 June 2021

Grass Staggers - prevention & treatment

Grass Staggers affects adult lactating cows, and is caused by magnesium deficiency. Unlike calcium, body stores of magnesium cannot be mobilised in times of high demand, this means that cattle need adequate daily intake to meet their metabolic needs.