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22 March 2021

Using diagnostics to monitor mastitis

Dairy Exporter March 2021

19 February 2021

Counting down with mastitis

An inter-generational farming family in eastern Waikato have achieved consistently low somatic cell counts. Elaine Fisher describes how they do it.

08 December 2020

Take more pride in tackling mastitis

Mastitis expert Steve Cranefield is urging farmers to take more pride in lowering their herd’s somatic cell count.

22 September 2020

Improve cure rates for lame cows with pain relief

If we stand on a nail or stub our toe badly what’s the first thing we reach for? Normally pain relief like paracetamol or ibuprofen. When a cow is lame however we don’t always jump to the same treatment. Make no mistake, cows...

09 September 2020

Coccidia parasites are hidden productivity thieves

Coccidia parasites are widespread in NZ, and are often ingested by calves causing intestinal damage, and sometimes resulting in bloody scours

31 August 2020

To treat or not to treat non-cycling cows

Republishing articled appeared in Dairy Farmer Aug 2020 edition. Written by: Samantha Tennent, DairyNZ developer and In-Calf program Non-cycling or anoestrous cows are a challenge. Cows are in a race against ti...

25 August 2020

Fast-forward your genetic gain

Genomic selection. Speed-breeding. DNA screening. Call it what you will, modern biotechnology has given us the ability to breed better animals, faster, in ways that would have seemed beyond our reach only a generation ago....

12 August 2020

Metricheck early for higher in-calf rates

Money in the bank   Find dirty cows early & reap multiple rewards    Imagine if you could improve your 6 week in-calf rate in ‘dirty’ cows by nearly 10% and increase your number of ea...

24 July 2020

Get the No.1 repro planning app

Mating is a busy time so the opportunities to improve 6 week in-calf rates may be lost if a robust plan is not in place to ensure every cow receives the attention it needs, to get back in calf as early as possible. Within a h...