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20 September 2021

Rapid on-farm testing for mastitis

With an increased awareness around antimicrobial stewardship demand for rapid on-farm diagnostic testing for mastitis has been increasingly strongly over the past few seasons. Developed in NZ, Mastatest is the first on...

13 September 2021

Make repro season easier – with the Ready to Mate App from AgriHealth

A simple reminder system to make sure all the important tasks relating to mating happen at the right time is already helping hundreds of dairy farmers improve their herd reproductive management. ‘Ready to Mate’, a free...

30 August 2021

Limping Up To Mating?

The link between cows’ hooves and their ovaries is not always obvious, did you know cows that are lame at mating can take 7 to 18 days longer than their herd mates to get pregnant?

02 August 2021

Coccidia parasites are hidden productivity thieves

Coccidia parasites are widespread in NZ, and are often ingested by calves causing intestinal damage, and sometimes resulting in bloody scours

15 July 2021

Mastitis hurts!

They may be too tiny to see without a microscope, but the bacteria that cause mastitis can (literally) be a huge pain at this time of the year.

15 July 2021

Take the pain out of disbudding this season

​Calf disbudding is an essential farm practice. However, as the process involves burning skin and underlying horn tissue, it is painful and causes inflammation to the calf.

08 June 2021

Grass Staggers - prevention & treatment

Grass Staggers affects adult lactating cows, and is caused by magnesium deficiency. Unlike calcium, body stores of magnesium cannot be mobilised in times of high demand, this means that cattle need adequate daily intake to...

24 May 2021

Made for each other - for better product stability & mating outcomes

If your dairy farmers need a helping hand to improve their six week in-calf (6WIC) rates this spring, now’s the time to be planning ahead for timely intervention with non-cyclers. The benefits of a well-executed non-cy...

22 March 2021

Using diagnostics to monitor mastitis

Dairy Exporter March 2021