Video Library

Series 1: Ready to Mate

Episode 1: Introduction to Ready to Mate

How to improve in-calf rates in New Zealand dairy herds

Episode 2: Body Condition

Learn the importance of Body Condition in New Zealand dairy herds, and impact of nutrition on in-calf rates

Series 2: Mastitis

Episode 1: Introduction to Mastitis

What is mastitis, and what are some important tips to minimise the disease and its impact on herd health and farm profitability?

Episode 2: Drying off

Drying off is an important time to take positive action in the fight against mastitis

Series 3: Wellbeing

Episode 1: The importance of pain relief

Ensuring best practice pain relief management is a win - win, resulting in happy, highly productive cows and sustainable farming operations

Episode 2: Pain relief at calving

Providing pain relief every time intervention is needed in a calving is good practice

Series 4: TilmoVet Administration

Dr Dave Robertson administers TilmoVet to NZ merino sheep

Short demonstration by Dr Dave Robertson from Oamaru Vet Centre on how to administer TilmoVet, using the Sekurus injector gun.

Series 5: Repro 'how to'

Using Cyclase as a diluent for Novormon eCG

Learn how to reconstitute Novormon eCG using Cyclase as diluent

Loading dark blue DIB applicator

Learn how to easily load AgriHealth's dark blue DIB applicator

Series 6: Poultry

Monogastric Customers Only

Tylovet Soluble Video

Demonstration of how quickly Tylovet dissolves

Series 7: Mastatest

Lapbox Setup and Registration

Learn how to set up your Mastatest Lapbox, register your account and connect to the Wifi

Taking Milk Samples and Running Mastatest

Learn how to take a milk sample, load the sample into the Mastatest Lapbox and start the test either via the Lapbox or the web