B-Act Premix

B-Act Premix

Contains a B-Act specific, Bacillus licheniformis probiotic strain for pigs and poultry


  • Creates favorable environment for beneficial bacteria
  • Produces antimicrobial substances
  • Produces enzymes, improving feed digestion
  • Stimulates local immune system
  • Superior microGranulate form, produced by leading manufacturer Huvepharma
  • Suitable for use in free range flocks or herds
  • Also suitable for use in combination with Flavomycin in commercial flocks


  • Antibiotic free
  • Superior competitive exclusion of pathogens
  • Inhibits selected pathogens, spares other microflora

  • Improved growth rates and FCR, even during stress and environmental challenge
  • Protects gut from pathogenic invasion and reduces Salmonella colonisation
  • Highest quality European product
  • Improved productivity in poultry when used alone, or in combination with Flavomycin


Direct fed microbial for poultry (broilers, turkeys, and layers) and pigs intended to provide a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms in which the active ingredient is a product-specific, spray-dried, spore-forming Bacillus licheniformis strain (bacterium) at a minimum concentration of 3.2 x 109 viable spores/gram.

Pack Sizes

Available in 20 kg bags


B-Act is a probiotic for supplementation into feed of poultry and pigs, which induces a beneficial effect by improving and recovering internal microbial balance in the gut. Probiotic bacteria induce a direct effect in the animal by colonising the intestinal mucosa and producing essential enzymes and cellular bioproducts.


Used as a direct fed microbial for poultry (broilers, turkeys, and layers) and pigs intended to provide a source of live, naturally occurring microorganisms ensuring stimulation of weight gain and improvement of feed conversion efficiency.
An aid in the control of necrotic enteritis in broiler chickens.
B-Act® is a stabilised source of Bacillus licheniformis only.


To be used orally after fully mixing with compound feed of poultry and pigs at the rate of 500 g per ton of finished feed. Recommended for use in diets of poultry and pigs during all phases of growth and development of animals.

Mixing Instructions:
In order to ensure uniform homogenisation with feed, it is recommended to mix the prescribed quantity of the product in stages in the following order up to 10 kg feed; up to 100 kg feed; and up to 1000 kg feed.

Withholding times


Human First Aid, Symptoms of Poisoning



Store in original container, in a dry place, below 30°C.
Registered Veterinary Medicine, ACVM Registration Number A11376