ToltraVet Poultry 2.5%

ToltraVet Poultry 2.5%

Toltrazuril 2.5% oral solution for treatment of coccidiosis in poultry


  • Chemical coccidioside for treatment of coccidiosis

  • Liquid formulation to be added to drinking water

  • Kills all relevant coccidia in poultry


  • Effective treatment of coccidiosis in chickens and layers

  • Minimises losses from coccidiosis-associated morbidity and mortality

  • Simple administration via drinking water


Contains 25 g/L toltrazuril in a liquid preparation

Pack Sizes

1 litre plastic bottle


Toltrazuril is a triazinetrione derivative which interferes with respiration and sex cell division in Eimeria species, allowing immunity to the first stage of coccidiosis to develop in poultry.


For the treatment of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria acervulina, E. maxima, E. brunetti, E. necatrix and E. tenella in poultry


Dose rate: 7mg of toltrazuril (0.28 mL ToltraVet Poultry 2.5%) per kg body weight per day for 2 consecutive days. Multiply this dose per bird by the total number of birds to be treated. 

This corresponds to 280 mL ToltraVet per 1000 kg of bird liveweight per day, with a treatment period of 48 hours.

Depending on bird age and water intake this may correspond with adding 1 litre Toltravet per 1000 litres of drinking water.  However, dose rate should be checked vs water intake, with ToltraVet dose per 1,000 litres of drinking water calculated accordingly.  

For soft water: add the calculated dose to the total drinking water volume consumed per day for continuous treatment over a 24 hour period. Refresh medicated water after the first 24 hours.

For hard water: add the calculated dose to the drinking water consumed over an 8 hour period, then replace with unmedicated water for the following 16 hour period. Repeat on the second day.

Body weight per birdVolume ToltraVet 2.5% per day (1,000 birds)
1 kg
280 mL
1.5 kg420 mL
2 kg560 mL

Withholding times

Meat: 14 days
Eggs: 10 days


Store in original container below 25 °C
Registered Veterinary Medicine. ACVM registration number No. A11267