Kryptade aids calves in the recovery from scours associated with cryptosporidiosis.


  • Combination of fluid rehydration and cryptosporidiosis treatment


  • Calves with scours due to cryptosporidiosis have faster return of appetite for milk

  • Reduces electrolyte use by up to 40%


Each 80gm dose of Kryptade in 2 litres of water contains sodium chloride 6.2g, sodium bicarbonate 4.6g, potassium chloride 0.7g, potassium phosphate 2.0g, potassium citrate 0.1g, glycine 6.15g, dextrose 40g and beta-cyclodextrin 10g, soluble dietary fibre, prebiotic carbohydrates, with amino-acids and seaweed extract 10.25g.

Pack Sizes

Ten packs of individual dose (80g) sachets, 5kg, 15kg


Kryptade aids calves in the recovery from scours associated with cryptosporidiosis. 

It contains electrolytes and carbohydrates for rehydration, soluble dietary fibre, and beta-cyclodextrin which may aid in the reduction of cryptosporidial oocyst production.


Kryptade is a powder for oral administration to calves that are scouring.
When treating calves with scours associated with cryptosporidiosis, calves will respond more quickly, being more alert and vigorous earlier.


Dissolve 3 non-heaped (flat) scoops; or one sachet (80 g) of Kryptade in 2 litres of warm water to make a clear brown solution (1½ scoops per litre of solution).

Orally administer 2 x 80 gram doses (each made up to 2L) of Kryptade the first day of treatment, approximately 6 – 8 hours apart and repeat on day 2 and day 3 with at least one 80 gram dose per day.

Introduce milk as soon as possible keeping electrolyte treatment and milk 3 hours apart.

Continue to treat the calf with Kryptade electrolyte as well as alternating with milk feeds as calves recover.

It is recommended that the dose rate minimum be followed for treatment of all calves with scours.

Seek veterinary attention for calves unable to remain upright or unwilling to suckle / take Kryptade voluntarily.  Tube delivery of Kryptade may be required for these calves.

Withholding times



Store in a cool dry place in a closed container. 

ACVM Registration Number: A09621