Hostazym X microGranulate

Hostazym X microGranulate

Xylanase based NSP enzyme suitable for poultry and pig feeds


  • Produced by surface fermentation on a wheat bran substrate matrix

  • Demonstrated performance in both wheat dominant and corn/soy based diets

  • Standardised to xylanase activity but also contains significant quantities of other NSP degrading enzymes

  • Active with both soluble and insoluble non-starch polysaccharides
  • Superior microGranulate form


  • Thermostable during pelleting due to intrinsic heat tolerance

  • Proven in both pigs and poultry across a wide range of diets
  • Activity across wide variety of feed ingredients
  • Balanced NSP enzyme that helps release nutrients and optimises digesta viscosity

  • Uniform distribution throughout feed with minimal dust


Minimum 30,000 EPU/g activity; endo-1, 4-beta xylanase enzyme produced by Trichoderma species

Pack Sizes

Available in 20kg bags


Enzyme which breaks down non-starch polysaccharides (such as arabinoxylans), as found in vegetable material, to improve digestibility of carbohydrates in feed.


Suitable for inclusion in feed for broiler chickens, laying hens, turkeys, piglets and pigs for fattening to improve the digestibility non-starch polysaccharides found in vegetable material (e.g. wheat and corn). Improved gut health and productivity has been demonstrated in both wheat dominant and corn/soy diets for broilers and laying hens.


Hostazym X inclusion rate is 50g per tonne of feed intended for broiler chickens, breeder chickens, turkeys, piglets, and pigs. This rate provides 1,500 EPU per kg of feed.
The recommended inclusion rate for laying hens is 35g - 50g per tonne feed (ie 1,050 - 1,500 EPU per kg).

Withholding times

Meat:     Nil
Eggs:    Nil

Human First Aid, Symptoms of Poisoning

Hostazym X


Store below 25°C in original packaging, securely closed in a dry place.
Exempt from ACVM registration