Coxiril 0.5% microGranulate

Coxiril 0.5% microGranulate

Contains 5 g/kg diclazuril for chickens


  • Synthetic anticoccidial

  • Nil withholding time for meat poultry

  • High quality product from Europe


  • Synthetic anticoccidial suitable for use in anticoccidial rotation programs for poultry

  • Can be used in all feeds with no withdrawal period required
  • Superior microGranulate premix form improves distribution throughout the feed


Contains 5 g/kg diclazuril in a microGranulate premix

Pack Sizes

20 kg bags


Diclazuril is a benzenacetonitrile that has potent coccidiocidal activity when fed at low levels in feed. It acts on the later stages of the Eimeria lifecycle, which allows natural immunity to develop via exposure to the early, immunogenic but not pathogenic stages of Eimeria.


As an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria acervulina, E. maxima, E. brunetti, E. necatrix and E. tenella in broiler chickens.


Directions: For use in broiler chickens. Coxiril 0.5% premix should be mixed into a secondary premix prior to incorporation in finished feed. Add 200 g of Coxiril 0.5% to each tonne of chicken feed. This produces a diclazuril content of 1 g/tonne in the finished feed which should be fed continuously as the sole ration. 

Withholding times

Meat:  Nil
Eggs:  Not for use in birds from which eggs are produced for human consumption


Store in original container, in a dry place below 25°C.
Registered Veterinary Medicine, ACVM Registration Number A11357