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24 July 2020

Mating is a busy time so the opportunities to improve 6 week in-calf rates may be lost if a robust plan is not in place to ensure every cow receives the attention it needs, to get back in calf as early as possible. Within a herd there will be cows that have metabolic issues, cows with uterus infections, and cows that calve later than others, so it is important to keep track of them. What we have been missing is a simple reminder system to make sure all the important tasks relating to mating happen at the right time.

The new Ready To Mate App from AgriHealth is now available to help farmers plan and manage repro programs to lift their 6 week in-calf rate. It is easy to use - simply enter the planned calving date and your repro plan is ready. All of the important programs are covered – metrichecking, tail painting, treatment of non-cycling cows,  and why wait programs are  included with day and date reminders for the chosen events as well as a tail paint marking system that everyone on the farm can follow. 

The Ready To Mate app is customisable – you choose the repro program you want and set the calving date and the app will send automatic reminders of upcoming actions for your farm via txt or email. The repro plan can be downloaded as a calendar to view at the office or multiple accounts can be set up for multiple farms or farm staff, so everyone involved knows what needs to be done and when.

It only takes two minutes to set up the program and you will never miss an event again. The Ready To Mate app is free and available now on android and iPhones.

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