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Fast-forward your genetic gain

25 August 2020

Genomic selection. Speed-breeding. DNA screening. Call it what you will, modern biotechnology has given us the ability to breed better animals, faster, in ways that would have seemed beyond our reach only a generation ago.

This spring, there’s another proven way to accelerate genetic gain in your dairy herd, with lasting benefits across the board – compact calving, more days in milk, and additional AB calves.

What is it?  Synchronising heifers with the Co-Synch program.

There are several good reasons to consider heifer synchrony before finalising mating plans for this season:

1.      Synchrony programs are generally very successful in New Zealand dairy heifers, so are becoming increasingly more common.

2.      Synchronised heifers can be mated using fixed time AI, without the need for heat detection, and inseminated just before the main herd mating starts.

3.      More heifers calve early next spring, so they can get into the milking routine ahead of their older herd-mates.

4.      Heifers will then have more time to get ready for their second mating, as synchronising means they calve 10 days earlier on average. Early calving heifers become early calving second calvers. Remember first calvers take longer to cycle than mature cows, and it’s so important to get those valuable 2-year olds back in calf.

5.      Over half of synchronised heifers calve within the first week of calving, so you’ll get 10 more days in milk per heifer treated, which equals more income.

And – critically - synchronised heifers mated to AI will mean more AB heifer calves next spring.

Your heifers are generally the highest BW animals in your herd, and their daughters give you more choice and opportunity, whether you’re trying to grow herd size, cull more selectively, sell more AB calves or minimise bought-in replacements for better biosecurity.

Success comes down to having well-grown animals, in good body condition, and (as always!) a good plan. We can help you with that – enquire about booking your heifer synchrony programme today, and we’ll give you all the information you need. 

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