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AgriHealth releases new video series for Ready To Mate

23 September 2017

AgriHealth has prepared a Ready to Mate Video Series and smartphone app to focus on key areas that will improve in calf rates.

There is considerable concern about the drop in in-calf rates across the NZ dairy herd last year, and currently there is tight feed availability in many areas during the lead up to mating. ;

Overall DairyNZ and LIC are supportive of the benefits of treating non-cycling cows.  Both parties acknowledge that using hormonal treatment is the only effective option for non-cyclers (when close to mating), and also that early non-cycler treatment is more profitable than later treatment.  LIC include a good comparison of different non-cycler strategies, refer

AgriHealth believe many farmers will be motivated to take action (and treat their non-cycling cows) this year.   

Ready to Mate highlights that attaining high in-calf rates requires management decisions and actions throughout the year, not just at mating time.  Hence, AgriHealth will be in touch at key times to keep the momentum going.  Ready to Mate series of resources include brochures, with videos and Technical Manager training modules now being introduced this Spring and Summer.

To watch the video clips download the AgriHealth Farmer Tips app:
From Play Store (Android) or  iTunes or follow this link

Keep an eye out for more to come when AgriHealth launches the Ready to Mate advisor program 

See the individual videos from the Ready to Mate Series: 


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