TyloVet 200 Injection

TyloVet 200 Injection

Contains 200 mg / mL tylosin for multi-species use


  • Effective against both Staph and Strep pathogens
  • Systemic treatment
  • Tylosin is lipid soluble and is a weak base

  • Injectable form
  • Shorter withholding than other Staph aureus treatment
  • Available in 100ml and 250ml


  • Ideal for treating mastitis in New Zealand
  • Treats more than one quarter simultaneously*
  • Tylosin becomes trapped and accumulates in milk and macrophages

  • Conveniently treats infections systemically
  • The most cost effective choice
  • Right volume for all farm sizes
  • * NZ trial work (McDougall, 1998) showed that over 85% of cows with mastitis had more than one quarter infected.


Injectable solution containing tylosin 200mg/mL, as tylosin base

Pack Sizes

Available in 100mL and 250mL multidose vials.


Tylosin is a broad spectrum antibiotic active against Gram+ve bacteria, including staphylococci, streptococci, Corynebacteria spp. and Erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae (insidiosa), and Gram-ve bacteria such as Campylobacter coli , as well as selected spirochaetes. It is also active against Mycoplasma spp. of both birds and mammals, including cattle, sheep, goats and pigs.
Because of its spectrum of activity, its lipid solubility and weakly basic reaction (which favours accumulation in inflamed tissues), along with its uptake by macrophages, tylosin is indicated for the treatment of mastitis, metritis, pneumonia and footrot (necrotic pododermatitis).


Cattle: Treatment and control of acute mastitis, metritis, respiratory infections, footrot (necrotic pododermatitis) and calf diphtheria.
Pigs: Treatment and control of swine dysentery and enteritis associated with the presence of Campylobacter coli and other organisms sensitive to tylosin, swine erysipelas, and pneumonia and arthritis due to Mycoplasma spp.
Sheep and Goats: Treatment of the early stages of peracute and acute contagious agalactia caused by Mycoplasma agalactiae and caprine pleuropneumonia caused by Mycoplasma mycoides var capri (M capri).


Administer by IM injection in cattle, pigs, sheep and goats or by slow IV injection in cattle only. Rapid IV injection may cause ataxia, dyspnoea and increased salivation. Give intramuscular injections into the anterior half of the neck. Alternate the injection site when giving repeated daily doses. Administer doses over 15mL at different sites.
Cattle (including calves): 5 - 10mg/kg (2.5 - 5mL/100kg) LW daily. Do not administer for more than 5 days.
Pigs: 5 - 10mg/kg (0.25 - 0.5mL/10kg) LW daily. Do not administer for more than 3 days.
Sheep and Goats: 10mg/kg (0.5mL/10kg) LW daily. Do not administer for more than 5 days.

Withholding times

Meat: 21 days
Milk: 72 hours

Human First Aid, Symptoms of Poisoning

TyloVet 200 Injection SDS


Store below 25°C, protected from light. Discard unused content 28 days after opening.
Restricted Veterinary Medicine, ACVM Registration Number A10807