PregSynch 200 cow pack

PregSynch 200 cow pack

200 cow treatment pack containing Cyclase and Gonasyn 


  • Cyclase contains cloprostenol - proven prostaglandin for cattle

  • The only 2mL Gonadorelin dose in New Zealand

  • Gonasyn uses the proven GnRH analogue

  • Gonasyn offers 50 and 10 dose packs

  • Both Cyclase and Gonasyn are supplied in plastic 100ml bottles in this pack


  • Most popular and proven prostaglandin analogue in New Zealand cattle

  • Dose surety via simple 2mL program, reducing likelihood of errors

  • Gonadorelin is proven in GPG programs

  • Flexibility especially for dispensing final GnRH injection


Each 200 cow pack contains 400 x 2mL doses of Gonasyn (GnRH), and 200 x 2mL doses of Cyclase along with quality, branded, bottle mounted injector guns for each injection.

Pack Sizes

PregSynch 200 cow pack contents:

8 x Gonasyn (GnRH) 100mL (50 dose) plastic vials 
1 x branded 2mL bottle mount injector and needle
4 x Cyclase (PG) 100mL (50 dose) plastic vials 
1 x branded 3mL bottle mount injector and needle


Co-Synch program

The Co-Synch program is generally administered with a progesterone insert such as a DIB-V or DIB-h.  
NZ research shows that the combined progesterone insert and Co-Synch programs have the best chance of getting heifers to ovulate and conceive promptly, with resultant higher pregnancy rates. 
Use Co-Synch programs in tandem with a progesterone insert to synchronise cycling heifers or cows, so that all animals can be inseminated on the same day with good conception rates to AI.
Another option is using Co-Synch program without a progesterone device (this program is also known as ovsynch or GPG) with heifers. This program is cheaper, but as pregnancy outcomes are lower it makes better economic sense to add a progesterone insert to the program each time. This is because substantially more milk is produced from the higher proportion of cows in-calf earlier with Co-Synch program. The other benefits includes tighter calving spread, less wastage as 3 year old cows and faster genetic gain. 


Gonasyn and Cyclase are New Zealand restricted vet medicines. Please contact your veterinarian for advice on the best program for your herd.