Optiphos 10,000 Coated PF

Optiphos 10,000 Coated PF

Highly potent bacterial phytase enzyme for pig and poultry feed


  • Modern high performance phytase enzyme
  • Effective at broad pH range, with optimal efficacy at pH within upper intestinal tract
  • Resistant to pepsin degradation
  • High catalytic efficiency
  • Coated pellet form, with superior double lipid coating and starch matrix


  • Highly efficacious bacterial phytase with proven matrix values in independent trials
  • Effective at hydrolysing phytic acid in the entire upper gastrointestinal tract

  • Total phosphorous release by Optiphos is extremely high
  • More phosphorous released during short feed retention time in upper gastrointestinal tract
  • Excellent thermo-tolerance during feedmilling, and superior stability in premix


Minimum 10,000 FTU/g activity bacterial 6-phytase enzyme produced by Pichia pastoris

Pack Sizes

Available in 20kg bags


Phytase makes phosphorous available for the animal, from indigestible phytin bound phosphorous within feed materials. Optiphos also improves the availability of other nutrients and minerals as phytate is an anti-nutritional factor (ANF) which binds nutrients. Optiphos breaks down phytate, hence releasing other nutrients from the molecule. As a 6-phytase (beginning at phosphorous in position 6 on the phytate molecule) more ANF breakdown occurs, improving growth rates and FCR.


Suitable for broilers, chickens reared for laying, laying hens, turkeys for fattening, turkeys for breeding, piglets (weaned), pigs for fattening and sows to improve the digestibility of phytin-bound phosphorous in feed as well as improving the utilisation of other nutrient substances, such as proteins, calcium, microelements and amino acids.


To be used orally after fully mixing with feed
Laying hens 30 - 50 grams per tonne feed (providing 300 - 500 FTU/kg)
Other animals (including broiler chickens, turkeys, pigs) 50 grams per tonne feed (providing 500 FTU/kg)

Withholding times

Meat: Nil
Eggs: Nil

Special Precautions

Optiphos 10,000 PF SDS


Store below 25°C in original packaging, securing closed in a dry place.
Exempt from ACVM registration