Novormon eCG 500 Cow Pack

Novormon eCG 500 Cow Pack

500 cow treatment pack containing Novormon eCG 


  • Consistent high potency

  • Novormon eCG improves pregnancy rates in New Zealand non-cycling dairy cows by 7%

  • When reconstituted with either sterile diluent or Cyclase, Novormon eCG is approved for use for 21 days when stored refrigerated, or 14 days if stored at room temperature (25°C)

  • No foaming


  • Reliable and consistent reproductive outcomes

  • Confidence in eCG efficacy once pack is broached

  • Quick and easy to mix, with no residue


Each 500 cow pack contains 500 x 2mL (400IU) doses of Novormon eCG. Only available with the PregBoost Plus 500 cow pack. 

Pack Sizes

Each Novormon eCG 500 cow pack contains:

10 x Novormon eCG 20,000IU (50 dose) vials with diluent for reconstitution


Novormon eCG has dual follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinising hormone (LH) actions, which stimulates follicular growth and ovulation. The half life of eCG in cattle is 35 days, compared to endogenous gonadotropins which have half lives of around 20 minutes. In oestrus synchrony / non-cycling cow treatment programs, the administration of Novormon eCG, when progesterone inserts are removed, optimises the fertility of the subsequent ovulation.


Complement to anoestrus treatment programs in cows, ewes and goats. Induction of ovulation and superovulation of pubescent and prepubescent cattle, sheep and pigs. Oestrus synchronisation in sows. Optimises the handling of artificial insemination and embryo transplantation. Novormon eCG complements the use of the DIB-V (A10319) and DIB-h (A10832) progesterone inserts, Gonasyn (A10642) and Cyclase (A10490) in DIB-Synch Plus oestrus synchrony programs.


Reconstitute freeze dried powder with either the sterile diluent or Cyclase prior to use. Once reconstituted, each mL contains 200i.u. eCG.

Administer by i/m injection to cows, ewes, goats and sows.

Cows: Oestrus synchronisation:400 - 600i.u./animal (2mL doses of 400i.u. generally used in anoestrous cow treatment programs) Superovulation: 2,500 - 3,000i.u./animal.

Ewes and Goats: Oestrus synchronisation: 200-400i.u./animal; Superovulation: 800-1000i.u./animal.

Sows: Oestrus synchronisation: 700-1000i.u./animal; Superovulation: 1000-1500i.u./animal.

The dosage can be altered based on veterinary advice. 

Withholding times



Store at 2 - 8°C.

Can be used for 21 days following reconstitution if kept refrigerated, or 14 days if stored at room temperature (25°C) when reconstituted with either supplied diluent or Cyclase

Restricted Veterinary Medicine, ACVM Registration number A10641