Enervade is a powder that forms an isotonic electrolyte solution for rehydration


  • Soluble dietary fibre maintains low viscosity of water

  • Prebiotic carbohydrates hasten return of preferred bacteria to large intestine


  • Increases fluid resorptive capacity of the large intestine

  • Improvement in intestinal lining recovery


Enervade is a powder for oral administration to calves and pigs that forms an isotonic electrolyte solution for rehydration when mixed in water prior to administration.

Each 100g contains glycine 9.15g, sodium chloride 8.86g, sodium bicarbonate 6.57g, potassium citrate 0.14g, potassium chloride 1.00g, monopotassium phosphate 2.84g, dextrose 57.14g, and resistant maltodextrin, soluble dietary fibre, and prebiotic carbohydrates.

Pack Sizes

5kg, 15kg


Enervade is a complex of components in an isotonic solution aimed to provide:

Electrolytes to replace those lost from dehydration;
Alkalinizing agents to assist correct acid base imbalance (caused by scouring);
Energy as dextrose and glycine to aid the active uptake by the intestinal bowel lining of sodium and passive uptake of other cations and anions; and
Prebiotic carbohydrates (non-digestible oligosaccharide) to aid the early repopulation of the large intestine with preferred bacteria as well as the benefits from their metabolites such as short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) such as butyrate to further enhance the active uptake of sodium


Enervade is indicated for the support of calves and pigs with scours, and for the rehydration of calves following transport where milk or milk replacers have been withheld while calves have been in transit.


Enervade has been formulated as a single mix powder of 70g (2 heaped scoops) for mixing in 2 litres of warm water. Mix ½ hour before use. Use fresh solutions made up with water within 24 hours.
Calves: Give 2 litres 2 – 3 times daily, give more frequently for more severely affected or older calves.  Up to 3 litres per treatment can be given for larger  calves. 
In calves with travel stress, offer 1 or 2 meals with Enervade before returning to milk/milk replacers.

Withholding times



Store in a cool dry, sealed container.  When not in use keep in a dry, cool area.

ACVM Registration Number: A09410