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08 August 2018

Lincocin Forte is now Albiotic

Broad spectrum lactating cow intrammary mastitis treatment Lincocin Forte is now called Albiotic. 

21 June 2018

Animal Wellbeing video series released by AgriHealth

The third installment of AgriHealth’s video series is now available on their Farmer Tips App

23 May 2018

Mastaplex and AgriHealth announce NZ distribution partnership for Mastatest

AgriHealth will distribute all Mastatest mastitis diagnostic products to New Zealand rural veterinarians and their dairy farmer clients effective 23 May 2018.

29 April 2018

NZ Farmer Tips App by AgriHealth

NZ developed App containing videos which provide tips on ways to increase productivity on NZ dairy farms

11 April 2018

AgriHealth releases new mastitis video series

AgriHealth has recently released a new Farmer Tips video series, focusing on mastitis

02 April 2018

Best practice for drying-off your herd

View the AgriHealth Farmer Tips video to learn about best practices when drying-off your cows this winter

23 March 2018

Treating endometritis early for better in calf rates

Recent data from NZ herds shows that metrichecking early (2 – 4 weeks after calving) and treating with intrauterine antibiotic gives cows the greatest opportunity to ‘clean up’ and start cycling before the start of mating.

07 March 2018

AgriHealth principal vet medicines sponsor of Dairy Research Review

AgriHealth takes opportunity to become principal veterinary medicines sponsor of Dairy Research Review

02 October 2017

New Study on Concurrent Use of cattle vet medicines

AgriHealth recently completed new research investigating the impact of the concurrent use of veterinary medicines on antibiotic concentration in milk.