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Oestrous, ovulation and AI after non cyclyer treatments

16 June 2016

Dr Scott McDougall  Managing Director, Cognsoco Registered Specialist in Bovine Reproduction.

Scott has been involved in the dairy industry for over 20 years. He established an international research division within the Animal Health Centre Morrinsville in 1997. Now known as Cognosco, it employs up to 20 staff, depending on the research in progress, including two PhD students. Scott has worked as a clinical veterinarian, taught at Sydney University and worked as a scientist for Dairy Research Corporation (now DairyNZ).
He is actively involved in improving animal health and productivity through the design, implementation and reporting of on-farm research. He is actively involved in strategic industry-wide initiatives including the InCalf programme and introducing a new mastitis management and control system.
Scott is also on the editorial board of the Journal of Dairy Science and undertakes training courses for vets and herdowners in NZ and internationally. In 2011 Scott was awarded the Golden Glove Award by the Dairy Cattle Vets association (DCV), in recognition of his contribution to the dairy industry. Scott has undertaken valuable research on reproductive programmes along with extensive work on mastitis and endometritis in dairy cattle.

 Dr Scott McDougall- Non-cycling cows, programs (timing recommendations)

Dr Scott McDougall- Heifer synchrony timing

Dr Scott McDougall- Cows on heat following synchrony programs

Dr. Scott McDougall - Program changes and AI Tech availability

Dr. Scott McDougall - eCG impact on timing of non-cycling cow treatments

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