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Managing Heifers for optimum performance

12 June 2016

Dr John Pickering Experienced Wanganui Vet Services Veterinarian and Founder of Vetcare Grazing.

John was a partner at Wanganui Vet services for over 30 years. John started the Vetcare Heifer Grazing business 20 years ago and it has continued to grow over the years, now with 9,000 May to May heifers and 6,000 weaners in addition to 1,000 winter heifers.
As well, Vetcare manages a bull hire business with 600 bulls hired out each year for use over the heifers on the grazing scheme and the balance hired out to other farmers. John has also been heavily involved with BVD virus control in NZ. He was the inaugural chairman of the BVD steering committee, and remains a committee member.

Dr John Pickering- Value of bigger hiefers
Dr. John Pickering - Heifer synchrony
Dr John Pickering- BVD
Dr John Pickering- Vetcare grazing contracts

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