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07 March 2018

AgriHealth principal vet medicines sponsor of Dairy Research Review

AgriHealth takes opportunity to become principal veterinary medicines sponsor of Dairy Research Review

02 October 2017

New Study on Concurrent Use of cattle vet medicines

AgriHealth recently completed new research investigating the impact of the concurrent use of veterinary medicines on antibiotic concentration in milk.

24 September 2017

Healthy Udder video presented by AgriHealth's Dr Steve Cranefield

Dairy NZ has recently released a video explaining the key steps to improving milk quality, presented by Dr Steve Cranefield.

23 September 2017

AgriHealth releases new video series for Ready To Mate

AgriHealth has prepared a Ready to Mate Video Series and smartphone app to focus on key areas that will improve in calf rates.

23 September 2017

Poultry Workshop in New Zealand in June 2017

AgriHealth recently hosted a poultry workshop for New Zealand poultry vets, nutritionists and livestock managers.

22 September 2017

AgriHealth launch novel IBR vaccine

AgriHealth have launched the first marker vaccine for cattle in NZ; Biobos IBR marker. Working with an innovative manufacturer from Europe, the product will be a real asset for vets and farmers trying to control infectious b...

22 September 2017

New information about endometritis in NZ dairy cows

Recent data from NZ herds shows that metrichecking early (2 – 4 weeks after calving) and treating with intrauterine antibiotic gives cows the greatest opportunity to ‘clean up’ and start cycling before the start of mating.

13 September 2017

Farmers taking action to improve early in-calf rates

Pregnancy testing results during early 2017 showed early in-calf rates for this season were disappointing in many areas across New Zealand.

20 May 2017

AgriHealth 2017 Technical Seminar

AgriHealth held the Company’s sixth annual Technical Seminar for 100 cattle veterinarians on Friday 19 May, followed by a 1920s themed party at the Tongariro Chateau.